Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japans tsunami, will the radiation come to the US?

The World Nuclear Association is reported to have said that pressure inside the containment of Reactor 1 at Fukushima-Daichi had been steadily increasing over the time that its emergency core cooling systems had not been active. The Tokyo Electric Power Company reported at 0200 local time (1700 GMT) that pressure had increased beyond reference levels, but was within engineered limits, the WNA added.

1855 Nuclear worries continue: Japan's trade minister Banri Kaieda says authorities are nearly at the point where they will have to release radioactive steam from the Fukishama nuclear reactor in an attempt to ease a build-up of pressure, according to AFP.

1850 The power of the earthquake off north-east Japan shifted the earth's axis by nearly 10 inches (25cm), reports, citing the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

1820 Some parts of Japan are on fire, including homes at Kesennuma city in Miyagi.
Around 1,800 homes are reported to have been destroyed in the city of Minamisoma, Fukishima prefecture. A major explosion hit a petrochemical plant in Sendai and a blaze swept through an oil refinery in Ichihara city, Chiba. One train is missing and another derailed in Miyagi prefecture. Local agencies are reporting that a ship carrying 100 people was swept away by the tsunami. Businesses across the country have been affected, with Japanese agency Kyodo reporting that Sony has closed six factories. All Japanese ports are closed.
Countries still covered by the tsunami warning alert include Russia, Fiji, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru.

1806 President Obama says that Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan told him during a phone call that so far there were no signs of a radiation leak at the Fukishama plant.

1745 Fears of radiation at nuclear plant have led to the evacuation of thousands of residents living nearby. Radiation levels have risen in the reactor but there is no news yet on whether there has actually been a leak. There are serious concerns about the Fukishama plan, 240 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo. Tokyo Electric Power, who run the Fukishama -Daiichi plant have been reported as saying that radiation levels are rising in the turbine building and the pressure has risen to 1.4 times the designed capacity.

1700 At least 1,000 people are now believed to have died in the tsunami triggered by Japan's earthquake.

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